UPM Carbon Services

Promotional Leaflet

Promotional leaflet for the Carbon Services offered by UPM Umwelt Projekt Management GmbH, a corporate network with subsidiaries in Germany and China, specialized in climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development.

Client: UPM Umwelt Projekt Management GmbH (Germany)
Year: 2022

The Client requested the leaflet in one version optimized for printed production. A QR code was included in the contact information, allowing interaction with devices having scanning abilities. Once the code is scanned, the e-mail application in the device immediately prepares a draft requesting a free REA, a carbon service that UMP GmbH offers free of charge.

A second version of this leaflet design was created for digital use in PDF format since the Client wants to use the file as an attachment in future e-mailing campaigns. In this version, text information such as e-mail addresses and websites also contains interactions.