ACF & USTB Books

Editorial Design

The NGO Action Contre la Faim & University of Science and Technology Beijing required the design of two books, where the challenge was to convert hundreds of content pages from an academic format into a more friendly layout, appealing for all readers.

Client: ACF (France) & USTB (China)
Year: 2015

In May 2015, a PhD thesis was presented to the Department of Environmental Engineering of USTB. With an extension of more than 170 pages, this research called “A Study on Sustainable Sanitation Technologies for Vulnerable Peri-Urban Communities in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia” was selected in September 2015 by ACF to be produced as a book.

In the same period, the Department was also developing a research about how to implement compost systems under cold climate conditions. The second commission was to produce a book to present the results of this research, where the layout follows the visual guideline set on the first publication.