Lifeguards Pharmacies

Visual Identity

Located in Amsterdam, Volle Maan Communicatiebureau specialises in communication and research projects in the field of health, illness and empowerment. In 2005, they created Lifeguards, a new concept of pharmacies which offers a service specifically oriented to people with positive HIV.

Client: Volle Maan Communicatiebureau (The Netherlands)
Agency: IC Bureau (The Netherlands)
Year: 2005

Following the brief prepared by IC Bureau, the logo for Lifeguards was requested to be reliable, friendly and simple, appealing to the audience represented by patients who follow lifetime treatments and require full time availability of quite specifics drugs.

Lifeguards Pharmacies has now more than fifteen offices around The Netherlands. Despite the brand was over time renamed as Plusaphoteken, their current logo still follows all the guidelines created for their initial visual identity.