Lock Photo Studio

Visual identity for Sandra & Otto Lock and their family business as “Lock Photo Studio”, which offers professional photography services from Santiago de Chile.


Lock Photo Studio (Chile)


Sandra & Otto Lock (Chile)

Scope of Work

Logo Design
Identity Guidelines
Business Cards



In Detail

With more than 20 years of professional experience, the photographers Sandra & Otto Lock needed a visual identity to formally open their family business as “Lock Photo Studio” to offer photography services worldwide from their company in Santiago de Chile.

The use of a black and white palette was one of the main requirements to build the visual identity.

For the logo, the request was to shape the name of the Studio within the corners of a camera viewer frame. The logo was drawn using a grid, in the ratio 1: 2. This background structure ensures that the logo is geometrically and optically as precise as possible. For applications of the logo in very small scales, a variant was created, to ensure its readability.

By repeating and rotating the logos, patterns were build to be used as watermark over digital images, minimizing the risk of plagiarism and secure the work of the studio.