Water Tank Digester

Editorial Design

With a project funded by The World Bank, the Bangladesh Agricultural University jointly with the University of Science and Technology Beijing developed a water tank based biogas digester, oriented to promote biogas production for domestic use, an initiative supported also by the Infrastructure Development Company Limited.

Client: IDCOL (Bangladesh)
Commission: BAU (Bangladesh) & USTB (China)
Funding: The World Bank (International)
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Year: 2018

A common water tank —available all over Bangladesh— is converted into functional biogas digester, by using only materials and tools obtainable at local hardware and plumbing stores. After months designing, building and testing the model at the Mymensingh Campus of BAU, a Manual was required to explain in detail how to assembly, operate and maintain this digester.

The layout design for the publication was planned for printed and screen reading, where an asymmetrical grid allows the distribution of elements, for both vertical and horizontal lecture.

This publication was oriented to provide households owning one or two cows with biogas technology, a scope that until now had no access to the production of this renewable energy due to the small scale of their livestock.

In addition, this manual was delivered to Bangladeshi water tank and plastic manufacturers, which allowed them to build, test and improve this digester model to expand their business opportunities promoting at the same time a sustainable development in rural areas.