Love Your Biogas

Visual Identity

In April 2017, a team composed by academics from different institutions dictated in Dhaka a training program oriented to inspectors of biogas plants in Bangladesh. Under the motto “love your biogas”, the requested was to create a logo for this program.

Client: IDCOL (Bangladesh)
Commission: UPM Ltd. (China) & Young Consultants (Bangladesh)
Funding: KfW (Germany)
Year: 2017

The main objective of the program was to promote an affective link towards the production of this renewable energy. The concept was quite straightforward: a combination of a light green flame to represent biogas with a red heart symbolizing loving caring.

To emphasize a sense of belonging, the color palette includes the national colors of Bangladesh. The motto was integrated into the logo in Bengali and English language, using a circular composition traditionally customary in the logo design of this country.