UPM Corporative PPT

Presentation Design

In August 2021, UPM GmbH requested the design of a PowerPoint template to introduce themselves to new clients and collaborative parties. They wanted a modern, clean layout to explain who they are and what they do, understanding the PPT as an expression of the company’s personality.

Client: UPM Umwelt-Projekt-Management GmbH (Gemany)
Year: 2021

The UPM Group is a corporate network specialized in climate change mitigation, adaptation, and sustainable development. All the supporting images selected for the presentation explain without words the scope of services the company offers.

The PPT was built over a grid, allowing the distribution of text, images, and graphic elements in structured compositions. The aesthetics consider the UPM GmbH’s identity guidelines, website, and recent printed publications, to match the visual consistency across all its communication tools, ensuring a unified style.

The template delivered includes more than 20 predefined slides with ready-to-use styles for different elements, providing UPM GmbH with full autonomy to edit their contents in the future.