Odem Bodyworks

Website Optimization

Michael Heidenreich created a beautiful website for his business using the free platform provided by WordPress. Unfortunately, a combination of diverse technical configurations eventually resulted in a long time for page loading. In early 2022, he requested to optimize his entire website to make browsing faster for his visitors.

Client: Odem Bodyworks (Germany)
Commission: Michael Heidenreich (Germany)
Year: 2022

Using too many plugins, setting high-resolution videos as backgrounds, and including images without optimization for web display were identified in a first diagnosis as the origin of the slow load of content.

The website was replicated page by page in a hidden new installation of WordPress, maintaining the original design established by the Client. For this, appearance settings were administrated from the Theme options whenever possible, instead of individual instructions added as content, which created long strings of redundant code across the website.

The new version of Michael’s website keeps all functionalities he had implemented before, only this time by restricting the use of extra plugins to the minimum necessary.

All images and video content were optimized for internet use, obtaining faster loading times across devices and operative systems. Lastly, platform capabilities were configured to make new content publication much easier for Michael, including the administration of German and English texts.