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On March 2020, the UN called out creatives to help stop the spread of Covid-19, by submitting artwork that will educate, uplift, and inspire individuals and communities all across the world through this global crisis. These communication tools explaining 25 facts about the disease in six languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, Swahili and Bengali.

Texts contents were treated to find equivalence across three writing systems —Latin, Bengali and Cyrillic— within one same clean, geometrical style. Illustrations based in pictorial symbols attempt to represents as accurately as possible the fact described with text. Colors used in these illustrations were extracted from the wheel created by the UN Department of Global Communications for the Sustainable Development Goals. Skin color of characters was neutralized in light blue, in order to demonstrate inclusiveness and therefore achieve a transversal engagement.

All materials were distributed in PDF format, to be transmitted via mobile phone, shared in social networks, screened as a presentation or printed as a brochure.

Special thanks to all who made possible the translation work of these materials: Nusrat Purba, Farhana Naz, Karishma Tarannum, Mwanaidi & Christopher Kellner, Christine & Martin Ohlsen and Roman Ryndin.